Nazife Güran - Nurdan Bir Hale (Light from a Halo)

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Hüseyin Hilmi Pasha's grandson, elegant, a Turkish lady, the first female composer of our Nazife Guran's era of music style and innovation know them without copying, come from within, as written, and joy, fragility and longing of the simple and bold with sensitivity, expressed the naive composer of Featured works, soprano and pianist Idil Ece Ülkü's interpretation of the text as an album was released by Kalan Music...

Nazife Guran's approach to music, take the form of direct and sincere, true to form, and small pieces of Schubert lied to us in a romance is reminiscent. Liedlerinde has created the atmosphere, accompanied by the poetry of additives was used as a randomized line support, sometimes left alone to do as the poem ends where it could receive the head goes, the theme is combined with a symphonic poem structure. Lied naive and fragile that it becomes detached from most of the items on their Beyatlı Yahya Kemal, Ahmed Hashim said the poems composed by masters such as courage in the sentimentality found. Liedlerdeki inward and divine sentiments depicted therein, occurs spontaneously without any effort. Always in tune a little bit of Turkish, Ottoman and the smell a bit that is felt first and foremost women. In his work, the expertness of the piano as a small form again merely sets out a structure similar to mouvement'larına Schubert. Described the success of his music will draw a picture. This music is full of love for the country is like a light fragrance.

(01). Merdiven
(02). Şehit Çocuğuna Ninni
(03). Gece Deniz
(04). Yarını Bekleyen Köy
(05). Hayalimdeki Bahçe
(06). Titreşim
(07). Nurdan Bir Hale
(08). İbadet Sevinci
(09). Mehlika Sultan
(10). Dantel (Piyano için 3 Konser Etüdü)
(11). Göldeki Akisler (Piyano için 3 Konser Etüdü)
(12). Boğaziçinde Gezi (Piyano için 3 Konser Etüdü)
(13). Feraceli Hanım Nr.3 (1964, Damen mit Schleier) (Tarihten Yapraklar)

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