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There has long been a cultural exchange between the East and the West. Marco Polo and the Silk and Spice trading routes began the process that, over time, has led to the creation of new musical styles. Putumayo presents examples of this ongoing musical interaction with the release of Asian Lounge. Travel from London to Bombay, Bali to Tokyo with this compilation of innovative Asian fusions, the sixth in Putumayo’s successful Lounge series. More than half the tracks on Asian Lounge have never been released in North America, paving a path for those who like to stay connected with ever-evolving music scenes.

Aside from Arabic Groove, this has to be the best flowing album in the Putumayo series. The songs blend together, although diverse in sound, style, country, instruments, and voices. If you're not paying attention, you don't even realize when one song has stopped and the other has begun.

The opening track of the Yoshida Brothers is a great opener and sets the pace and tone for the album. Ancient Future appears again (Music From the Tea Lands) and continues with more beautiful, lounging rhythms and instruments. Deepak Chopra also contributes once again to a Putumayo album. If you almost liked his track on Latin Lounge, then you'll probably really enjoy the one on Asian Lounge.

I think Funky Guru will be one of the most popular, although Koyal should be appreciated for its haunting music and sweet vocals. In my opinion, Water Down the Ganges is the best song on the album. Probably the only reason that an 11+ minute song would even make a compilation like this. It's a song you don't get tired of listening to and contributes heavily to the lounge theme.

If you've already listened to Music From the Tea Lands, this is the Electronica version, with deeper bass, synthesized music, and cool vocals.

(01). Fukaki Umi No Kanata - Yoshida Brothers
(02). Koyal - Nitin Sawhey
(03). Ja Name - Ancient Future
(04). Oceans of Ecstasy - Deepak Chopra
(05). Campuhan - Blue Asia
(06). Angels of the Island - Bali Lounge
(07). Space in... - Nataraj XT
(08). Funky Guru - Prem Joshua
(09). Eastern Journey - Biddu Orchestra
(10). Water Down the Ganges - Prem Joshua & Manish Vyas
(11). Dreams of Happiness - XCultures

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