Jef Stott - Saracen

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This album is sure to bring accolades to Jef Stott, who wrote every song. It is one amazing, inviting ride... One can almost feel the desert wind on one's face. Nothing sedate about the music here - - it is all pulsating, thrilling, whirling, daring you to join in the Great Dance.

My very favorite is a new version of the song he's brought us before, the title track, Saracen (Eye of Horus vocal mix), five+ minutes of sheer, exquisite inspiration. And, how about "Overland", that quiet beginning that senses an approaching storm, then midway through, that galloping ride on a (camel?) through the midnight darkness. What story accompanies each song? Each of the ten songs has great depth and dimension, with the exception of the song "Medina Stepper", quite a bit stretched-too-tight and harsh, in my humble opinion. The rest are triumphant. There is a finely honed mixture of percussion and instruments, from the Oud, Saz, Cumbus, Yali Tambur,Santoor Bendir - -and many more - - sometimes gently spilling over with empathic soul, other times just bursting with vibrant, magnificent passion. Many songs are instrumentals, the guest vocalists (MC Rai, Hooman Fazly and Reda Darwish) are pure heaven, and all are richly mixed with multiple layers of luscious, breathtaking sound.

(01). Lamaset (Miami Mix)
(02). Sono (Album Version)
(03). Ashk
(04). Saracen (Eye of Horus Vocal Mix)
(05). Medina Stepper
(06). Faqir
(07). Axis (Evolve)
(08). Overland
(09). Blissmi'lah (Darbuka Re-Mix)
(10). Aegean Dub

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