Ghazal - Lost Songs of the Silk Road (Inde-Iran)

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A fascinating meeting of Persian and Indian musical and cultural influences. Iranian musician Kayhan Kalhor, North Indian virtuoso Shujaat Hussain Khan, and Swapan Chaudhuri playing the kamancheh (spike fiddle), sitar, and tabla, respectively, met in New York for the sessions that led to this album, a melding of related but separate musical traditions that embrace vocal music (courtesy of Khan) as well as instrumental music into a mesmerizing whole. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

The word ghazal means a type of Persian (Iranian) poetry and also describes an old style of romantic ballad often sung in India. The classical music traditions of Iran and India both feature complex scales and rhythms that demand a lifetime of study. However, they are highly compatible with each other, and combining them allows for fresh insights and deeper pleasures. Shujaat Hussain Kahn is the son of the legendary sitarist Ustad Vilayat Khan, and his own command of the multistringed instrument is a wondrous thing. He is joined by Iran's Kayhan Kalhor, a master of the kamancheh, a spiked violin with a woodsy tone, and the setar, a small lute thought to be a prototype of the sitar. The brilliant tabla drummer Swapan Chaudhuri rounds out an all-star trio. Together they make exciting, accessible, richly melodic music that will delight listeners of all tastes and backgrounds. --Christina Roden

There's nothing strange about fusing Persian dastgah with North Indian raga.... They've got a similar emphasis on ornament and improvisation, and even though there's a world of difference between them, when the two traditions come together on Ghazal, the music makes perfect sense ... none of the players here are exceptional; they're subtle, measured, and lyrical. But the music they've made--completely improvised in the studio, only 40 minutes after meeting each other--is beautifully evocative, and as perfect as fusion ever gets: poetic, dynamic, alive.

1. The Saga of the Rising Sun
2. Come With Me
3. You Are My Moon
4. Safar-Journey

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