Ostad Elahi - Dialogue With the Belove

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The music of Ostad Elahi bears one of the best testimony to the allusive power of sounds. While it seems absolutely simple, it immerses the listener in an ocean of sublimated emotions, constantly bringing him back to the center of himself, through its essential nature. A continuation to the Celestial Music of Ostad Elahi (CMT 2741026), these two records are almost entirely dedicated to the little lute of Persian mystics, the tanbur, with its muffled tone, so incredibly efficient. Master of sobriety, Ostad Elahi is capable of expressing a vast array of feelings in the interval of two parent tones, as in "Khbn" in the Haft Khan-e Rostam suite, or to carry the listener away through the repetition and subtle variations of a short and seemingly innocuous musical phrase. And when, in his hoarse voice, he begins to sing one of these ancient Sufi poems, long kept in his memory, his chant is like a drop of water which would alone quench the thirst of the traveler after the longest journey in the desert.

1. Sheykh Amiri d'Ostad Elahi
2. Suite Sheykh Amiri: Sheykh Amiri d'Ostad Elahi ...
3. Hymnes et Danses Mystiques (Mystical Hymns and Dances): Wa Fadâi ...
4. Suite Shâh Hoseyni, 1e Partie/Part One: Shâh Hoseyni/Bâlâ Dastân/Zir-E

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