La Banda Municipale De Santiago De Cuba Vol.1&2

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The Banda Municipal de Santiago de Cuba is a brass band which remains true to the tradition of the Cuban brass band. La Banda Municipale De Santiago De Cuba 1
This debut record confirms that the time has come to discover another side of Cuban music, socially very rooted in its folk culture and in the history of its liberation. Released in 1997 on Buda Records. 01. La Comparsa 02. Reina Isabel 03. El Manisero 04. Frutas del Canay 05. Chan Chan 06. La Trova no morira 07. El Machete de Oro 08. Y tu que has hecho 09. Le Petite Cantate 10. Este Camino Largo 11. El Mambi 12. Cuba Puerto Rico 13. La Bella Cubana 14. El Carabali 15. Maria la O La Banda Municipale De Santiago De Cuba 2
This album "Brassband from Cuba II', like the Banda Municipal de Santiago de Cuba, is a family and friend production and story. The imaginative world of its music is 100% Santiagero: orthodox fans of horns and reeds should not take offense at the diversion from musical scores, the looped barrel organs, or the children's voices from the black district of San Pedro-- where the shadow of La Cumparsa De Los Oyas still brings to mind the history of slave gatherings in huge colonial plantations. Released in 2001 on Buda. 01. Marieta 02. Se seca el arrollito 03. Chiclaneras 04. La Tarde 05. Triste muy triste 06. Le Enganadora 07. Paquito el Chocolate 08. Bodas de Oro 09. Mambo n° 5 10. La Serenata 11. Les Passantes 12. La Vaca Vieja 13. Siboney 14. La Culebra Vol.1 Vol.2